Talk to us of love. (Podcast Takeaways pt 3.)

This was a poem my listeners and I wrote together at my podcast tonight!

Every verse has been written by a different person, most of whom don’t have any prior writing experience, it was brave on their part to attempt such a journey on an uncharted territory on such short notice, but the end result was something that made all of us smile, so here it is.

Talk to us of love;
Because it seems, it's the only thing of which I can dream.
The idea of falling into it, seems so pure and so clean.
Speak to me off that which makes your chest tight,
Everytime your eyes linger in search,
And finally find that; which until now had eluded your sight. -Me

प्रेम सुन्दर है,
प्रेम अनुभव है,.
प्रेम एक प्रतिक्रिया है,
प्रेम vibe है ब्रः! -Major P

I just slept in the day
And woke up in hay
Seeing u play with clay
Which made my day -Ruthvik

When I heard love
My heart beat slowed.
And it reminded me of you -Preet

I know I know
We are not talking any more
But dil to pagal hai ji - Preet

Yes,you make me smile
Yes,you made me feel anxious
Yes,you made me cry
But for once
Will you make me feel the love without conditions, is that a yes? -Eswari

When the sun shines, the sky does it too
You're the sun to my sky
I think of live, i see some light.
From within the light, i see your face
I grab a mirror, i look at my face
I see some light, some of mine..
A lot of yours. -Vivek

Was the past true?
Just give me a clue,
Memories seem so distant,
Reality is somewhat different
Past is not what I peek.
Just a glimpse of you I seek
Light soul just spoke
It wasn't a dream I woke
The moment molding a dream
Heart unfolding a sweet scream -Adhri

Might I remind you that only the first verse is mine and the rest is written by the listeners.

This has been an experience that I shall forever keep close to my heart.

Hey guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t start of with a greeting in the beginning, I had to directly take you to the poem lest you walk away from the blog altogether!

So this was what happened tonight! I had my listeners write a poem with me, live, on the podcast and they did!

There was a mix of good emotions going on in the podcast tonight, and I really enjoyed it, I hope it was the same for everyone else too.

Anyway, once we were done reciting the poem, another listener wanted to recite a few lines he’d written a couple of years ago, and the lines which he recited, seemed extremely nice. There was a particular part of it which, I seemed to really like something about coming close, oh yeah, I remember, not the exact lines but the picture the words had painted.

It was a scenery of two massive clouds colliding with eachother and becoming one as the winds that pushes them together blew strongly on the earth too; and that is when a girl and boy, see eachother and meet the other’s eye, it was this moment the poet, who was really the boy, was being thankful for.

Very nice indeed.

Okay that’s it for tonight guys, night.

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