Memories of a well known stranger

I heard this somewhere today

"Now we're strangers again, but this time with memories."

Yea, that pretty much sums it up.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of using two opposite words in a single sentence.

It is literary technique I enjoy reading and employing in the things I write.

It allows me to prevent my words from being bound to the ground
To let them breathe underwater
And shed light on the darkest parts
Of the unexplored soul,
the parts I had actually always been aware of
But had pushed into the closet of denial
For I was never scared of being a coward
Without me knowing
It had always
Chained me to the idea of false liberation
What is the point of holding your head up
If your gaze is shackled to the gravel beneath your feet
What is the point of the sky
If all you can ever do is stare at it
And not build yourself a pair of wings
And tear through it
What is
The point of the heart
That is not broken

Now we're strangers again.
Only this time,
With memories.

Memories that accompany me
To every place I travel to
Memories that seep into every word,
Every letter I write
Memories that have latched on to me
Like a wandering ghost that fell in love with me
And now haunts me when I wake
And when I sleep
In my reality
In my dream
Where I sometimes scream
And sometimes sing
With joy
With pain
With you

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