To all our friends.

This was a poem I wrote with my listeners live on my podcast. Each verse has been written by a different person, the theme of the poem was friendship!

To all our friends.

Last night I was at my worst,
I contemplated all things bad,
But I thought I'd consult with you first.
As the things that make me sad,
Also seem to make you mad.
Listen to me, I have a plan.
Let's disappear and explore the world ,
From the first of the water's drops,
To the last few grains of sand.
- Moyeen

Thanks my crazy dude,
Thanks for being beside me,
Through those angry volcanic eruptions
Through those hefty colder days..
We are those guys
Who are crazy enough
To think we will change the world
And we will be doing it..
- Dattaraj

Times were hard
And you were my guard;
You made me believe in me
That made me feel free;
We had many misunderstandings however
Only you made me believe in the forever.

- Eswari

People value different things, love, comfort, money, Mine happens to be you.
The walks we took, the swings wait for our weights, the couch we laid upon,
The way we’ve had iced tea all day long. Growing together, all those inside jokes, low-key judging people around just by the instant gaze we shared. It was innocent.
The Streets wait for the walk, the food waits to be eaten, the rides await it all. It all sounds fascinating even though it’s all just in my mind.
- Sagar

You always answer when I call
And help me up if I should fall,
But you never complain at all,
Just like a book , you read my mind
Like the sun you brighten my day
My dear friend how can I repay you?

- Ruthvik

We got to meet out of the blue,
We'd end up spending such good times together,
I had no clue.

You've always had my back and made me a better person no matter whatever we went through.
- Jazz

Dosti ek anjaana safar hai
Kuch anjane dosto k saath
Kuch anjani raho me
Kuch pal apno k saath
Kuch pal apno k naam
Dost k bina hum adhure hai
Dosti k bina zindagi adhuri hai
- Pragya

Every night I remember the time spent with you, I just want to go in my childhood again to spend the beautiful time I spent with you, Lets go to the past and make best out of it, I just wanna say thankyou for every moment you gave, it will be with me forever.

- Dikshant

Friendship is something we can't live without,
It's sharing meals,
It's sending memes,
it's dealing with hitches,
It's doing foolish things!
- Karan

Friendship is the medicine for my loneliness
Friendship is the thing you can't buy with money
Friendship is the memory which can't fade away
The memory will make you cry and regret
The memory of Friendship which will make you smile and happy
Friends are precious as diamonds, so don't lose them
Friends are my happiness
I miss those days
I wish to go back in time and enjoy the beautiful times with them again.

Thanks once again guys, for being a part of this!

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