The night doesn't have to be upon me 
For me to go off on a yawning spree
I am capable of opening my mouth
So wide that if you were to peak Inside
You could see my soul crouching
Into itself, like a baby still unborn

The will to do nothing at all
Hangs upon me like a ghost
To sit in a place
And turn myself into a statue
Has become one of my favourite pastimes
I do not even think of anyone anymore
I'm not sure what exactly it is
That I think off
When I close my eyes to picture
All I see is the Inside of my eyelids
I don't see a face or a body
I see nothing that excites me anymore
The weight I had upon my shoulders is dissolving
And disappearing
Into the ground
Where it belongs
And the time fory flight
Is coming
And it is coming soon

I shall take off into a flight
That shall be marvelled
By the ages that have yet to come
But first let me just yawn some more

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