It’s you everywhere

It's you everywhere, no matter where I look or who I talk to.

I see you in the memories of the past, that are easily triggered to life by the smallest of the things of today.

Like this gentle breeze that blows into my room coupled by the moonlight of the night reminds me of the time we sat by the window.

I held you as gently as I could, but now I wish I'd held on a little harder, haha. But deep inside, I do know; that it was never upto me.

It was never upto me, it was always upto you, and everyone else who had a mouth and knew how to speak.

By the time any news reached me, time would have run out. I would be too late to have even had an opinion, and it's so sad.

But there is something about you that I seem incapable of forgetting easily. Is it your face, or the way you speak. I don't know because I get lost when I see you or hear you. They're both kinda equally beautiful, anyway; even if it's hard, I'll still do it sooner or later.

Maybe alone, maybe with a little help.

I will do it, I have to.

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