What you meant to me

You were not just somebody
Who I was infatuated with
This, I understand after I have been away
From you and will continue to do so

Anyway, you were someone
I reached out to in the dark
I held your hand to stop mine from trembling
The only way to rest my mind was to let
My eyes rest on your face
It would freeze me and your sight would anyway forbid me from harbouring any other thoughts

In those few moments of peace
My lips curve into a subtle smile

You're like my favourite song,
I want to put you on repeat,
And keep my phone aside.

But that isn't going to happen.
All I can do is, feel all of this alone,
And move on.
It's 4:31 am and the song just got done for the 6th time.
I'm sleepy now.

Song I was listening to while writing this : https://youtu.be/-hsdXiwA4c0

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