Trying To Forget How To Remember you.

What do I write about?
When I'm not thinking of you.
I do not want only you, or the ones that come after you,
To be the sole subjects of my words.

I wish to explore the world of words,
In my own way, shed a new light on already lit topics.
And I wish to do this in many places,
Places where it will make an actual change.

I want my words to serve a bigger purpose
And not be used only to express the deep sadness I feel in your absence.
Because I want to do so much more;
Than just be sad.

I want to change a lot of the things I think are not right or atleast debate about them.
I want to leave the world as a better place.
A place I would have loved to live myself.
But these things are going to take time,
And I cannot spend all of my time,
Remembering only you.

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