Forget me, so that I can forget you.

I just checked my phone and visited your profile for the 8th time in the past two hours. You seem to have stopped seeing my last message as the “last seen” time stopped changing two days ago. I guess, you’re fine now. I do not know if my departure hurt you in anyway, but even if it did, I guess you’re alright now.

I’m glad that you moved on, however, I’m also sad that you won’t be visiting my messages anymore and that the last seen time will never change once again. We haven’t spoken for the past week, but every time I saw the time change in the chat, I felt happy I guess, that you still cared. To me, it was a form of communication, a sign that you were still in my life, that you still thought of me. But its all over now.

It has come to its end, an end I wished to stay away from, but here I am.

Take care and forget everything about me, you beautiful creature; so that I can forget everything about you.

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