An unsent message.

Hey, how are you?

I really want to talk to you. But can’t, cause if I do. I think I’ll fall in love with you, however though, you won’t. So I have to control myself and not send to you this message.

I need to stop myself from constantly coming back to this chat time and time again, and not put myself through all that I have once lived through already.

But it’s just so sad that I can’t talk to you. I miss you and everything about you.

Although, I am better now. I don’t think of only you all day anymore. There are moments I get that are vacant of your thoughts. I can’t say if I like it, but that’s the only way to go.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop typing here now, lest you see three moving dots by my name just in case you were scrolling through your chat.

I’m going to cut this message from this chat and post it on my blog now.

Take care.

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