I’ll deal with the next heartbreak

I'll deal with my next heartbreak, 
just help me get through this one.
I'll need not your comfort when
I reach these dark grounds once again in the future.
I'll take care of me then,
So take care of me now.

I feel weak.
The urge to run to you
Is an urge I constantly run from myself
I want you, but you don't want me.
Despite knowing that,
Why is it that I cannot move on?
Why is it that I still sit here?
And write about you,
Why is it that you have been given a power?
A power over my heart.
A power, which you don't seem to realise is powerful enough to drag me to you with only half a smile.

I'll deal with my next heartbreak,
Help me forget this one first.
Help me foget how to remember you.
Help me understand that,
There is nothing left for me here.
That there is no point anymore,
In thinking of the time my palms sweat,
As I held your hand.
There is no point in recalling
The pain in my chest
Everytime my eyes searched and found your face in the crowds
There is simply no point.

So help me now

But deep inside

I know you can't

Nobody can.

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