You do to me, what they do to you.

I took a deep breath
And filled you into my chest
Then all at once,
I let you out.
Little did I know that
In the attempt to rid me of you
I would end up making many more men fall for you.
Like the snowball effect,
My words would gain momentum,
As your beauty garnered it's admirers.

In an attempt to forget you,
I reminded the entire world of you.
And now they know;
That you, my dear, are special.
And they talk highly of you now
And treat you like a queen.

But what you do not understand is,
These people, the world;
They do not see what I see.
Their hearts continue to beat steadily
Even as their eyes met your face.
They do not feel the need to please you
Nor do they write for you.

But I do.
And I shall continue to do so.
Even if you do not read these words of mine,
I shall continue to write.

Let me tell you one last thing,
Just as the world fails to truly grasp
The magnitude and the beauty of your entirety my dear,
Exactly like that;
You fail to see me.
You, have always failed to see me.

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