Life has come to reading quotes and relating with them

“The most important thing I’ve learnt over the years is that if someone wanted to, they would. Remember that.”

– Instagram.

Not a phase I want to be stuck in forever, but let’s be honest. It has its perks.

Knowing that someone else is going through something very similar makes me feel not so lonely.

On the other hand it gives me hope, maybe there is someone out there, just as or much more damaged than I am and I will find them one day and fall in love with them and the scars given to them by the people from their past.

Maybe because they also have been put through something so unkind, they will realise the weight of my feelings and respect them. As their feelings too, just like mine, had once been brushed aside and that has made them well aware of how heavy the heart becomes, they are well aware of the pain as they have lived through it too, and wish not the same for others.

Two damaged people might one day just come together to mend eachother.

Filling fine gold dust in eachother’s cracks, much like the Japanese art of kintsugi, we might actually end up making eachother the most beautiful versions of us yet.

Reading quotes and relating with them, that’s what life has come to now.

But like I said, it has it perks.

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