You will be never be mine

You will never be mine,
No matter what I say, no matter how much I write,
You will always elude me, like the clouds do the skies
Present for a second, and then it's time for good-byes.

I know for sure, that you will never be mine
That I will have to learn to live on my own
That I will have to learn how to be fine
I just hoped, that with you I had some more time.
And it's so sad, that I have to confess this to myself in this stupid rhyme.

The verses above were written
When I still thought of you and your smile
Now I run from everything you
From that which might again
Make me want to make you mine

I have left all of it behind
And have put horse-blinders on my eyes
I want not, to make myself remind
Of that once upon a time
I wish only to look forward
And think of only walking the distance
And convenience myself
That how much ever good it feels
There is no point in crying
And that there is much more to life
Than having just lived
And then finally one day
Simply dying.

You, my dear, will never be mine.
Like a lot of other things in my life
But I have captured you in my words and in my files
But worry not, this to shall come to an end
Sometimes things last for a century
Somtimes we forget about them overnight.

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