It’s a trage– wait, it’s actually a comedy!

It's funny how,
I have to put so much effort,
Into not talking to the person
I want to talk to the most.


This laughter is like a flower ,
That blooms amidst a volcano;
Of no use,
But still nice to look at.

You know what's even funnier?
The fact that I don't even know,
Who these lines are for.
Insert laughing emoji.

Is it for her?
Or is it for you?
Does it even matter?
Too much to think.
And a lot of time on my hands.
So let's sort it all out.

That's another funny aspect of it though.
The more you try to sort it out,
In your head,
The more interwined the wires get.
So much so that I can almost feel them
Leak out of my head,
And entangle my arms and my legs,
And forbid me from moving altogether.

Allowing to do one and one thing only;



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