Let there be rain

How i’d love to go for a walk here
The weather seems perfect
To put on a Billie Eilish song. ( 🎶 everything i wanted 🎶 )
And write about something that
Resonates with the gray in the sky.

The sun seems to have fallen in love,
With the earth.
Why else would it hide itself?
It seems to come out of nowhere,
But when the earth so much as flinches,
It runs and buries itself
Behind the fluff that are called the clouds.

At the same time,
I think,
The sky too, is in love with the Earth.
For it weeps everytime the sun runs to hide.
It weeps,
At the parade
Of the romance that takes place before it.
But whose fault is it?

The sun and sky, both lovers of the Earth.
All placed one above the other,
One protects it while the other keeps it warm.
The sky between the two,
It has no choice but to,
Be a witness.
Even if it's the last thing it wants to do,
So let it be gray for a while.
Let it rain.
And let the dwellers of the world,
Feel it's grief.
A grief that shall pour down as rain.
Let the Earth feel sad now.
For the sky,
In all it's vastness,
Is not enough,
To feel what it feels and still be

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