The villain

I’m the bad guy 
Now that I have spoken up
When I said
Enough and that
I can’t take it anymore

But I was good too
Long ago
When I took it lying down
Quietly, like a bitch
I was mighty good
When I let the people
Who wanted to talk
Scream at the top of their lungs
When I rebelled not
When the respect I deserved
Was being trampled upon
With shoes that had already
Stepped on shit
When I lied
That I was fine
When I knew was not
When I said
I was good
I was fucking great

But now
When I said
I am not wrong
I have done nothing wrong
I don't deserve this
I never did
It seems I have changed
It seems that I have a heart
In name only
But in fact I am hollow inside
And that is why I feel not
But the reality though differs
From what you say
And what the others say
As a matter of fact
I feel
And I do it
On scale much bigger
Than everyone put together

So scream all you want
And spread the word
Let the voices echo through
The mountains
And be carried with the wind
To different lands
Let them all hear
Let them all mock
Let them all believe
I am the bad guy now
And that I don’t

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