The crown

There was a man once
Who had forsaken his land
And traveled far and wide
Who had left everything behind
In search of a place
Yet unknown to mankind
A place he could call his own
Filled with his ideals
A perfect harmony
Of all the people
Who respected each other
Irrespective of their age
Or gender
Or the past
Or the prospects of the future

He strived long and hard
His days penetrated into the nights
As he worked
To the point where his bones
Would scream and
Bring pain
Even to the clouds
Who would eventually cry

Many years passed
And the place he wished for
Had been finally built
Humanity thrived here
Like nowhere else
Unlike ancient Greece, Egypt or Rome
It was truly
A sight to behold
A sight people would marvel at
With the entirety
Of their hearts and their souls

When the man
Who had now aged
Climbed the steps
Towards the throne
Which he so rightly deserved
The voices then made their
Opinions well known

“So what if he built this place?
He is not the king
We too have helped
And toiled in this very soil
He is old now and
Surely unwise
He will take us
Towards an inevitable doom
And now that we deny him
His (rightful) crown
He shall harbour in his heart a grudge
For all of us and come back
With a hatred so big
That it shall burn all that
We (he) have built
And it shall mean the end of us all”

They were wrong though
Why would a man
Murder his own offspring
Whom he had raised without
The help of even a mother
He could set the entire world on fire
But would not be able to
To bring himself to hurt a dying leaf
That dangled from a tree in this place
That he had come to love so much

“So lets take away his crown
And split it amongst ourselves
Let the leader of each group
Become a king in his own right
And let us all
As the true kings
Name this man a criminal
And drive a stake through his heart
And lift up to the sky his corpse
As a symbol of our strength
Let him become food
For the insects and the ants
And the vultures
That strike even the bones
When the meat has run out on their prey”

All that was said
Was all that was done
The place the man had built
With his blood, bone and sweat
Was torn into numerous bits
One to be ruled by many
Like a whore
Who spent her nights
Sleeping with a hundred men
But the poor woman in her heart
Had honor that could shake the entire world
For she sold her body to feed her children
Her soul was pure, without a speck of dirt
It was a piece regarded with supreme respect
From within the treasury of even God

But the men and the women of the this place
Had motives far from anything pure
They were not like the whore
To call them that
Would be a mighty shame
For her
They were the children
That were birthed from the semen
Of the demon himself
They were now the kings and queens
And the first royal decree
Was carried out just as planned

The man was impaled
And his body planted in the middle of the kingdom
Cheers off joy and thunderous applause raged
Like the world had
Finally been rid of something greatly bad
As if starvation had itself demised
And peace had finally settled over the lands

The animals though
Were different from
The wretched people of this land
They wept and cried
They remembered the man
Who had travelled to their forests
And spent with them
So much time
Who had protected them
When the others had wanted more paper
And more food
And more clothes
That came from their very hide
They remembered
And would never forget
They wished to tear down the limbs
Of the people who very well deserved it
And would even have done so
If they had not found
The ghost of the man himself
Standing at the edge of the forest
Caressing a young tiger cub
Addressing all the animals
Who wished to wage war
In vengeance against the humans
Who had murdered in cold blood
And humiliated even in death their master
Who now stood between them and the people
And asked them to let it be
For he still cared and wished
Only the safety of his kind

The war was evaded
And the corpse was not touched
By a single insect or an ant
The birds though
Carried the deadman
And laid to rest his body
In the forest
Where a tree would grow eventually
And shelter the animals
For a thousand years to come
Where he would stand
Guarded with the very lives
Of the creatures who couldn’t speak
Like the humans
But could feel with an intensity
They could only dream of
Or try and capture in the things they write

Whereas the people
Who had snatched
From the man his kingdom
And his crown
And made themselves the kings
And made for themselves crowns
They did not take more than a year
To submerge themselves in all
The vices known to man
The people judged one another
Based on age
On gender
On the sins from their past
And the odds of success in their future
The small worthless kingdoms
Soon plunged into crime
Men murdered men
Over a loaf of bread
Not before long
The people rebelled
And dethroned the numerous phony kings
And killed them in the streets
Like the rats that crawled
In the dark and filth of the gutters
That ran below their feet
The insects fed on their remains
As they crawled into one eye
Amd ate their way through the other
And cities soon crumbled to dust
Much like ancient Greece
And Egypt
And Rome

Everything the man had set out to accomplish
Had failed
But the his legacy was still carried out
In a different way
In a different place
And that is all that matters

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