To Munni, a beautiful woman

She was ten
When she was given a promise
I'll take you far away
To a palace where your prince awaits
And she believed
For she dreamt and dreams
Often came true

She was then brought
To a place and well fed and clothed
For three days
Before she was made to stand
In a line of twenty others Munnis
Where strange men would come
And choose for their liking

Like I said
She was ten
When a man grabbed her
She rebelled and sought help
But was locked up
And savagely beaten
For three days
These people who thrashed her though
Were carefull enough
To not strike
Her face
Her chest
And her thighs
For this would drive away
The people who would come again
And again
To look at her
To assuage weather
She was pretty enough for
The fortune they would pay
A full five hundred rupees for an hour
The goods had to be worth it
Or they had ten thousand other options anyway

Munni you see, was a fighter
She stayed up one night
And ran away
And thank God she found a police man
Thank God
But God
Why did he too have to be the same
Four other colleagues joined in
And raped her
Free goods, they must have thought

But like I said
Munni was a fighter
She ran once again
But this time
Back to a brothel
Where a lady took her in
Maybe she felt safe here
Than how she felt under
The blind lady who
Upholds our 'law'

The lady fed her
And bought her clothes
For festivals that came
Munni still needed to work
And work she did
Three to four men a day
At peak hours She said
And on slow days
She and her colleagues
Would have to roam the streets
Fending for themselves
Begging for people to sleep with them

She's given up on respect she says
No matter where she goes
People will call her a whore she says
Munni speaks the truth
A truth you and I know
Is legitimate and not fake
But she is still hopeful
Of the future
Of God
Of herself
For her daughter
Who she hopes to raise one day
Away from the life she was forced into
A life of unexploitation
A life of respect
A life much like mine
And yours

This is a dream
She harbours in her heart
And dreams my dear Munni;
Do come true.

This a poem based on saddening but true events. It has been 11 years, I wonder if her dream ever came true. You can read the full story here :

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