Let it happen

Lately I haven't
Been able to attach my heart
To this
Or to that
I don't look at things anymore
For I can only look through them
I never knew
Everything could be
So uninteresting and bland
Colourless and far from
All things grand

Its a pain now
To feel even pain
Im too tired now
To try and keep
The ricocheting pieces of
My breaking heart In place
If it breaks
Let it break
If the world starts to lose it's color
Let that shit drain
Let there be sorrow
And let there be despair
Let tears flood
All the rooms of the world
Let everyone drown
And let them maintain
An unshakeable contact
With my line of sight
As they struggle for breath
Cause fuck this
And fuck that
Let me take rest now
And sit back
As I watch
The things I desperately prayed against
Finally come to life

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