Like a Phoenix 

The legends, they speak of a bird that soared through the skies a long time ago, setting fire even to the clouds which it pierced through.

This bird was called The Phoenix. A bird whose feathers were fire. The people in these legends, often great men, say it was the most amazingly mind-numbing sight they had ever witnessed in their lives. 

It would sit atop the highest mountain shrouded by the clouds and would make an appearance only once in a millenium. Only the people chosen by God would ever get a chance to witness it and God only chose a human-handful of people.

Nevertheless the most magnificent aspect of this bird, the legends say, is not it’s flight or the fact that it’s a bird of fire. It is actually the immortality that it possesses which prevents it from dying, ever.

The bird once it grew old or after a hard fought battle, would retreat back to the mountain and seat itself on the peak. And then the show would start. 

The Phoenix at this point would burn with all the strength it had in every last of its feathers.

The fire would be of such intense heat that it would not only burn the Phoenix itself but would also turn to charred dust the mountain it had previously sat on. 

And then, as the world stayed still and watched, slowly, with the most magnificent grace that even the mightiest queens of this world would not have even dreamed of, a tiny little bird wrapped in golden fire, a fire that has a shine a thousand times brighter than the jewels hidden in the deepest of the oceans, emerges out of the ashes. A newborn as old as time itself.

I feel like the old dying Phoenix. I feel tired. I want to burn and keep burning. Reduce myself to ash and emerge out of them as I free myself of the bullshit that only I am responsible for. I would love to die like the Phoenix and come back to life like the Phoenix.

However, you and I both know that the legends speak of nothing but made up bullshit that someone probably thought of after hitting a bong many centuries ago. 

The phoenix doesn’t exist. Period. 

Well, at least it didn’t until I started writing this piece of shit soppy ass blog in an attempt to put to paper a small piece of what runs rampantly in my mind.

I shall declare then.

From this point on, I; am the Phoenix. 


I am going to burn. And burn. And burn. And then rise, cause I’m the fucking Phonix from the fucking legends.

And I exist.

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