Ambassador of beauty

In the dead of the night 
His fingers, they trace back
To the memories forever caught
In the screens of phones

They slowly scroll through
The hundreds of pictures
Of other men and other women
Until they stop the motion
With a lasting tap
The eye had signalled the brain
Which inturn told the fingers
She was on the screen now
A creature that will
Forever be known
As an ambassador of beauty
And of all things delicate in life

At the sight of the girl
The pupils of the boy widened
HIs lips arched into a
Geometrically perfect curve
One that Euclid* himself was incapable of drawing
And his heart remembered that
Pumping blood is just a side hustle
It's real purpose is actually to love,
And the brain, it thought up words
That would only fail to describe
How pretty she was
Or how he felt

It was a battle already lost
Decades ago
The wounds have healed
And the scars scarcely remain
It is the smiles and the laughs
That haunt him now

*Euclid - Father of Geometry

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