I’ve given you too much of my time.

How long before,
I give up,
And take a step back,
To step forward.

How many more nights,
Am I to spend wide awake,
As I think of you.
While you are happy with him.

How much more time?
Before I realise that,
You're gone.
Never to return, ever again.

How many more words,
Are to be manifested
For the sole purpose
Of describing your beauty.

How many more people,
Have to treat me
Like you did.
Because there were a few,
Who thought of my feelings as mere toys.
Maybe you didn't intend it.
But some of them certainly did.

It stops now.
Not anymore.
Not for another second.
You were nice you know,
I won't lie, you messed up too,
Trampled over my feelings even,
But I knew you cared in the end,
Not the others though,
Fuck them.

Anyway, it's about time I drop the towel,
Before I kick the bucket all together,
I'll still be good to the people in the future,
They deserve not the anger I harbour for the fuckers from the past.

I'm stil capable of love;
And nobody can do a damn thing about it.

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