A poem from us to us.

This is a poem I wrote with my listeners live on an audio platform called Avalon scenes.

A poem from us to us.

For the past few days
You have occupied my mind.
All my thoughts, you had made your own.
But now, it is time, for me to take them back,
To once again make them only mine.  - Me

I need to thank you.
Thank you for helping me discover myself.
Thank you for making me realise that I'm stronger than what I think.
Finally,Thank you for  helping me in building up the quality of letting go.       - Shashita

Im bored, kinda tired,
Think its alright,
Still kinda blocked,
Still kinda struck,
Don't know where I belong,
Sunny day feels kinda long!          - Major

I don't look at my past, it hurts me.
I won't try to imagine the future, it puts hope in me,
I'm just Living in the present with all this chaos around,
Hope I get to make myself free one day,
For to my hometown is where I want to flee one day.                                            - Jazz

I know,
I know how you feel.
You try to conceal.
But you know you can heal!
Just Believe,
And go on to Achieve!              -Eswari

In the denser clouds of thoughts,
Existed a stud with swings of mood.
Cherishing happy moments with joy,
Perishing sad moments with a cry.  - Ruthvik

On this road of journey called life, many have walked with and a few by.
But there was always a constant,
And I think it’s me!
Jumping, crawling even flying,
Seems to me like I am always trying.
Not to impress ,
But to live I guess.
Exploring would be the word.
And the whole path ahead just seems so blurred.!
But no stress, because I know that one constant will always say yes!         - Bhavya

For the past few days
You have occupied my mind
All my thoughts, you had made your own
But you forgot that I still own myself,
And now it's  time for me  to remind you that.
                                                             - Shashita

I hold a session at 8:30 Indian time every night!
You can find the link to it ony link tree, click on Avalon Scenes and that's about it 🙂


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