The dreaded end of the road.

That which I dreaded,
Has finally come to be.
The end of the road,
Is now not just near,
It is in fact right here,
Below my feet, where I stand.

If I could, I would give anything,
To have taken a different route.
One which we could have
walked together upon.
Holding hands like we once did,
Hiding from the world,
Not out of fear,
But because it was not to be shared.
It was ours and just ours.
And maybe that is why,
You meant so much,
You mean so much.

I can never blame you,
Neither can I ever hate you.
Although if I could bring myself to do it,
It would ease this fucking pain,
But, you don't understand,
This pain that has infested my chest,
It seizes to exist when I think of you.

Just who the fuck are you?
And why do I have to think of you so?
Why can't the world look at you the same way as I do?
And feel this pain along with me?
Why doesn't the world fall for you?
Why is it only me?
Why do these words keep coming?
Why don't they just fucking end?
Why do I have so many questions?

It will never be clear to me;
Until one day it is.
Suddenly I will be able to see through it all.
These words will have lost their weight.
But the scars will forever remain.
A reminder.

What's done is done.
Even if I wasn't ever the one to do it.
So read this last verse I write for you.
That which I dreaded has finally come,
Let the fear take over me.
And tear me apart.
Let it rip my flesh from my bones.
Only to put me back once again;
A new man;
A wise man;
A man who has moved on.

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